EPER 500


eper 500 photoEPER 500 delivers firm, rhythmic strokes which help to loosen thick mucus in a patient’s lungs that can consequently be removed through coughing.

EPER 500 is more efficient than a human hand. Its frequency of strokes can be adjusted from 100 strokes per minute suitable for small children to a high frequency suitable for adults. EPER 500 offers teenagers and adults the independence they seek from manual percussion therapy, as it aids the caregiver during this laborous activity.

EPER 500 is light, weighs less than 1 kg (2 lbs 2 oz) which makes it easy to operate for both patients and caregivers. It is equipped with a detachable handle for back and side therapy.

It is easy to travel with EPER 500 It is designed for range of voltages from 110-230 VAC. It can also be powered from car battery.

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